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  3. Exhibition & Tea Ceremony at GENSO-AN | March 2024 KYOTO

Exhibition & Tea Ceremony at GENSO-AN | March 2024 KYOTO

Handicrafts Art Exhibition and Tea Ceremony will be held at the traditional Machiya, Gensouan in Shijo, Kyoto on March 2024.

Wood and Textile Art Crafts Exhibition at Gensouan

Gensouan is the name of a traditional Kimono fabric merchant townhouse having the history over 130 years old, located in the center of Kyoto city, 4 mins walk from Shijo and Karasuma station, where opens as an art gallery several times a year.

In Gensouan from 13th to 17th on March 2024, the handicraft Mingei crafts art exhibition will be held with a woodcraft artisan, Gen Hiramatsu and a cotton weaving artisan Ryoko Ishihara, both are representative members of The Kyoto Craft Association(Kyoto-Mingei-Kyokai), displaying their treasurable art works.
The exhibition is entry free from 13th to 17th March. We welcome international visitors.

[Exhibition]Wood and Fabric Handicrafts Exhibition by Gen Hiramatsu & Ryoko Ishihara
[Time]OPEN 11:00 CLOSE 18:00 (CLOSE17:00 on 17sun)
They are both members of The Kyoto Craft (Mingei) Association. Treasurable Japanese handicraft wood and textile works are displayed inside the traditional 130 years old Machiya house. They demonstrate traditional cotton spinning and chair making (paper cord chair) on the site during the exhibition.
Gen Hiramatsu’s items: Table, Chair, Zushi, Raden, Kogo…
Ryoko Ishihara’s items: Clothings, Scarf, Kimono, Obi…

Traditional Tea Ceremony on 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun) March

During the end of the exhibition period, We will also hold the Chado tea ceremony in our special Chashitu room, which also welcome international guests even who are the first time to experience Japanese traditional Chado. There is a English speaking staff to support you throughout the tea ceremony (about 1~1&half hour). Please do not hesitate to join with us the special and unique traditional experience in Kyoto.

Authentic Japanese Chado / ~Hinamatsuri doll’s day~ Tea Ceremony on 2024. 3. 16(Sat) and 17(Sun).
-16th Sat
[1st session]12:00~ [2nd]14:00~ [3rd]16:00~
-17th Sat
[1st]10:00~ [2nd]12:00~ [3rd]14:00~ [4th]15:30~
You can book the sessions scheduled as below by email to
. Please let us know 1)your name, 2)the session time and 3)the number of participants.
[Tea ceremony itinerary]
– Please get here at least 10 minutes early
– Wait in the Okuzashiki room where decorated with Hinamatsuri and the host say hello to you
– You walk through Roji, a special garden where you walk through and wash your hands
– The host serve you Ushucha (Maccha) with special traditional snack
– You experience Ikebana (traditional flower arrangement)
– Finally, you drink Bancha and antehr snack
※Maximum 6 person each session / each takes about 1h ~ 1h half
※Reservation only.
※Price 5,500JPY per person. You can pay by cash or credit on the site.
※No need to bring anything.